Gluten continues to be talked about in the news as it was discovered that people develop an autoimmune reaction to gluten, a component of many grains, but especially wheat. Gluten is used in many commercial products. For people diagnosed with Celiac Disease, the only treatment is to eliminate gluten from their diets. Today, about 1 in 133 people have been diagnosed with Celiac disease. Another 18 million Americans have an allergic reaction or sensitivity issues to gluten and are finding that reducing or eliminating exposure to gluten provides a better feeling and digestion.

MI-DEL Gluten-Free cookies and pie crusts set the standard for gluten free snacking and taste. All too often, gluten free products are a compromise in flavor and texture. Not MI-DEL. Try our gluten free cookies and pie crusts and we think you will be pleasantly surprised at the full, rich flavors and snappy bite.

MI-DEL Gluten Free pie crusts are Gluten Free certified by the GFCO. Our gluten free cookies are routinely tested using the ELISA method to ensure gluten free status as determined by the World Health Organization.

Try our gluten free cookies and pie crusts. We think you will be pleasantly surprised by their amazing taste.