Blueberry Custard Pie (Gluten Free)

Naturally gluten-free, this Blueberry Custard Pie will give you warm weather vibes this winter with hints of zesty lemon, sweet blueberries and a velvety custard baked into a gluten-free graham cracker crust!

photo from Living the Gourmet

The season’s preparations are nearly complete. You dragged your evergreen into your living room, and strung its wooden frame in electrical lighting – fire hazard been damned. Your windowsills have been carefully manicured with faux-snow, holly hangs from every available doorway, and the scent of cinnamon, spice, and gingerbread hang on the air like a miasma portal to a wintery wonderland. In every aspect, you’ve done your best impression of your favorite snow globe.

Naturally, one thing remains – the food.

While none of us want to end up looking like Jolly St. Nike or his Frosty counterpart, Christmas is hardly the time for self-restriction. I will admit that while I’ve learned to have patience for practically everything this life has to offer ‘imitation treats’ are not one of them. You know the sort, that old line from the Odd Couple sums it up pretty well, “We’ve got a carb-free, calorie-free, sugar-free, dairy-free cake…it’s probably also taste-free but it’ll kill you slower than the real thing.”

photo from Living the Gourmet

photo from Living the Gourmet

Perhaps it’s the contrarian in me, but I’ve always somehow found these sorts of foods strangely ‘oppressive,’ as if some invisible nanny-hand were reaching into my existence and swapping out some ‘approved alternative’ for my intentionally unhealthy indulgence.

“Of course, this is bad for me. You know what else is bad for me? Oxygen. It’s the most abundant corrosive on the planet, and its flammable to boot, yet I see you breathing it every day!”

In Seneca’s practiced stoic view I’d likely be a failed student for saying this, but part of the ‘indulgence’ of a truly good cake is the knowledge that it’s ‘bad’ for you, giving its consumer the sensation of ‘getting away with something.’

However, what about those moments where this simply isn’t an option? For example, what about those moments where dietary restriction has placed an immovable obstacle between oneself and one’s intended indulgence?

photo from Living the Gourmet

photo from Living the Gourmet

The answer is quite simple – find a way around the obstacle. For example, at my Christmas dessert table, I always make sure to prepare a few Gluten-Free items that are every bit as delicious as their Gluten-Included counterparts for my niece who suffers with a gluten allergy. After all, restrictions or not, we all need to feel that we’re ‘getting away with something’ this time of year.

Naturally, this brings us to today’s recipe – Blueberry Custard Pie.

photo from Living the Gourmet

To start things off, we begin by beating together four eggs in an electric mixer, and then add in the sugar salt, milk, and vanilla, and continue beating. Then pour this mixer into a Gluten-Free pie shell. For this recipe I do prefer MI-DEL Pie Crust, and for a couple of reasons. First off, the crust is about thirty grams thicker than its competitors, creating a denser, more flavorful crust. In addition, they are Non-GMO verified, and in fact they are the – only – comprehensive, allergen safe pie crust that is also shelf-stable. In other words, when you’re looking to prepare a pie that’s both gluten-free and delicious, this should be your go-to crust.

From there, bake the pie until the custard sets – about forty-five minutes, and then let it cool to room temperature. While it cools, mix together the blueberries, lemon juice, lemon zest, and the confectioner’s sugar, and then spoon this over the pie before serving, and you’re done.

Thanks to Living the Gourmet